Curly Hair Essentials every curly girl or guy should own

This post is for anyone who is just starting off on their curly hair journey and needs some basic information on what products and tools to look for.


1 – A good comb for detangling those tresses
Remember to always detangle on wet, conditioned hair and start from the bottom and slowly work your way up. This is much gentler on your hair and ensures less breakage.

2- A daily conditioner (this will be your best friend)
Look for a conditioner that has hydrating ingredients (I like anything with argan or coconut oil, aloe vera or shea butter). I really like the OGX Moroccan Argan Oil conditioner.

3- A styling gel
The best advice I can give you here is experiment around and try to avoid alcohol as one of the first ingredients as this will just dry out your curls. I really like the AS I AM Curling Jelly which contains Aloe Vera and Beet Root extract among other ingredients.

4- A deep conditioning treatment
It’s important to deep condition your curls at least once a week, at least twice if you live in a harsh climate or during the winter time. There are so many great options out there, the trick here, is to look for all natural ingredients as much as possible. Macadamia has a great one, as does Hask and lets not forget Shea Moisture as well.

5- Hair Oil
You can either make your own hair oil or purchase one. It’s important to keep your scalp and your hair properly moisturized, especially with all of the styling, heat and washing we put our hair through. I like to saturate my scalp ands hair with either virgin coconut, black castor or avocado oil and let that sit for one to 3 hours before I wash it out. This helps put moisture back in and actually helps me lose less hair in the shower after washing.

6 – Microfiber Towel
Similar to using a T-Shirt (100% Cotton) a microfiber towel is great for gently removing water from your hair and allowing your curls to dry faster. It’s also gentle on your curls and can help reduce frizz.

7 – A diffuser saves you time
Although it’s best to air dry whenever possible, let’s be honest I’m not going to run out of the house with dripping wet hair in the middle of winter or wait around for 5 hours for my hair to dry. A diffuser will help you speed up the drying process and also help give your curls some nice volume. I would suggest you start off on the lowest heat setting (cool air) and then when your hair is 70% dry switch to a warmer setting. This way you aren’t using as much heat, which can also be damaging your locks if you only use high heat on a daily basis. If you are concerned about heat damage, there are some great heat protectants out there to help protect your hair.

These seven tools will be the building blocks to help you on your journey to beautiful, hydrated curls.

I’d love to hear what products YOU use for your curls and let me know if there is anything that you would add to this list.