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How Aloe Vera helped heal my skin after a severe case of hives

How Aloe Vera helped heal my skin after a severe case of hives


In this post, I explain what led me to get a severe outbreak of hives (out of the blue) and I share tipps on how I healed my skin, with Aloe Vera being a very important part of restoring my skin back to normal. 

Disclaimer: The information below is based on my personal experience and what I found to be useful for me. If you have any skin concerns or irritations I highly suggest that you see a dermatologist.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had sensitive skin. As a child, I would often complain of my skin being super itchy and I was always the one that got stung by insects of all kinds. As a result of this, scratching was a form of relief for me but also caused me to have numerous scars all over my body. 

October 25th 2018 – A particularly difficult day

This past October wasn’t a particularly good or happy month for me. I was under some stress, had received some bad news related to family member and career related things were really though for me. On October 25th, a piece of bad news which I really was not expecting hit me really hard emotionally and as a result my body erupted….almost literally. I remember coming home and as soon as I got changed, I noticed some weird red spots underneath my right arm. It was red and itchy. I dismissed it, as it’s common for my body to get itchy especially when the weather gets colder and we turn on the heating inside. 

Full blown hive Outbreak! 

The next day, the spots were gone…or so I thought. Around 4pm, my entire body started itching and feeling very hot. I undressed and was shocked to see that not only had the three spots under my arm returned but I now had numerous large, red, swollen, throwing, hot red itchy patches covering my complete body. This had never happened to me before and I started to freak out. My husband immediately tried to find out what could be happening to me by asking me about my symptoms and googling possible reasons for this massive hive outbreak. Then we tried to soothe the itching by applying toothpaste and oil to the area and waited to see what happened. It just got worse. 

A trip to the Emergency Room 

Finally two hours later I told him we had to go to the emergency room as I wanted to desperately rip my skin off! The first hospital we went to told us there was nothing they could do for us as they only specialized in surgery. So I had to hold it together for another hour as we headed to a different hospital, normally the drive would have taken max. 20 mins but since it was Friday evening the traffic was bumper to bumper. I remember taking many deep breaths and imaging stating under a cooling waterfall to keep me from scratching. Finally after arriving, I was quickly seen by the dermatologist on site and was diagnosed with „urticaria“ a.k.a. hives. 

What are hives?

Hives are either small red bumps or large red patches that are extremely itchy, hot and swollen that appear on isolated parts of your body such as areas where you might sweat heavily, or where two patches of skin come into contact with each other to cause friction. As in my case it can also break out on your entire body. 

Why do hives occur?

Hives can occur as a result of numerous things, such as: an allergic reaction to something you ate, something you touched, a plant, an insect bite, medication, fever, stress and on and on. I remember the dermatologist asking me what I might have done differently these past two days or if something significant might have occurred. I couldn’t think of anything. She told me not to worry and took her time explaining what was happening inside my body. It has to do with the histamine that is being released. For an additional explanation please refer to this video. 

November 13th 2018 – finally free

I’m happy to say that my hives are completely gone. Before I tell you what I did to help them to diminish, I want to tell you why this happened to me in the first place. 

Emotional Stress made me break out

Remember how I told you that I was under quite a bit of emotional stress? And how that last piece of bad news really got to me? Well, the hives started shortly after that and since I was still upset about the entire ordeal on the next day it just got worse and that’s how I broke out in full body hives. It was just all a little too much for me to handle. 

Now let me share some tipps and tricks with you so if this happens to you or anyone you love (I truly hope you NEVER have to experience this), you will know what to do. 

Tipp 1:

Try to find out what the source for the breakout could be coming from (ex: Stress, Food, Medication, Temperature change etc…). This is very important to know because it will help determine the best treatment for YOU. 

Tipp 2:

If you notice that your hives are not getting better and that the itching is intensifying seek medical attention immediately. Many hospitals have a dermatologist on site, so take advantage of that. A dermatologist is your best bet here.

Tipp 3:

Applying ice packs (wrapped in a towel) to the itchy areas to offer relief and help the swelling go down. Do this as often as needed. 

Tipp 4:

Aloe Vera leaves are very beneficial in helping cool the skin and soothe the itch due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The gel is able to penetrate deep into the skin and help speed up healing. For this reason it’s also often used for cuts and to treat sunburn. Simply take a large, thick leaf, carefully slice off the edges off and remove the gooey flesh. You can apply it directly to the skin or add some water and make it into a spreadable gel. This is very useful especially if you have the hives all over your body. You can watch me make it here (N.B. This video was made a few days before my hives disappeared completely. The hives I had left at the time of the video were on my stomach and back area).

Tipp 5: 

Wear baggy clothing so that you give your skin as much room to breathe as possible. You don’t want to be stuck in something constricting and that might be rubbing against you skin. 

Tipp 6:

Brew some camomile tea and let it cool down. Camomile tea is not only good to calm you from the inside out, it’s also great for helping with itchy skin.

Tipp 7:

Drink lots of water!!! Your body is in fight mode, so make sure to drink enough water to keep it properly hydrated. 

Tipp 8:

Try not to scratch! I know, I know, it’s easier said than done. But really, try not to do it. Here is a little trick I use when things get bad. I wear a pair of gloves to bed! *Shocker* It’s true, but it works! Try it.

Tipp 9:

Take a cool shower using nothing but cold water and avoid personal care products that are not 100 % natural, as this will only aggravate your skin. 

Tipp 10: 

Be patient, be consistent and stay positive that things WILL GET BETTER. 

I can’t tell you how long it will take for your hives to disappear as I am not a dermatologist and I don’t know your personal history. For me, since I have an autoimmune deficiency, I take longer than most people to recover from colds, allergic reactions and so forth. 

My dermatologist recommended I take a strong antihistamine and use a cortisol creme 0,5%. Again, the treatment will be different depending on your needs. What worked best for me was the combination of fresh Aloe Vera gel, Antihistamines, applying cooling packs, drinking lots of water and avoiding the need to scratch. The cortisol creme for some reason didn’t help at all. I would highly recommend giving fresh Aloe Vera a try. It’s really one of the best things you can do for your skin, and it’s all natural. 

I hope you found this information useful. If you have any tricks or have remedies of your own that could be useful on this topic, then please share them in the comments below.