The Big Chop! Why I decided to cut off all of my hair

Why on earth would you want to cut off all your hair? You have such beautiful curls! This is something that I would hear all too often when I started playing with the idea of sporting a shorter hairstyle a.k.a going in for the big chop. The truth is that my curls just weren’t healthy anymore and nothing I tried helped to restore them to their original state. 

Let me give you some context

Seven years ago was the last time I was über happy rocking my natural curl pattern. I still remember the day because I had gone to the hairdresser a few days prior for a cut and was really enjoying my curls, and how easy it was to make them look great!

Then I started experimenting coloring my hair, each time going a little lighter and trying to achieve that beautiful JLo honey brown. That with the harsh Canadian winter and the humid summers definitely didn’t help the state of my hair. I would take 6 month breaks in between to let my hair “recuperate” before coloring it again. And little by little I would start to see my curls become flatter and less defined. I tried to reverse these effects by doing regular hair masks, applying oils to my scalp and hair, coloring less often and even doing protein treatments. While some methods did help bring back some spring in my curls (coconut & black castor oil & protein treatments) my hair still wasn’t where I wanted it to be. It still felt very dry, brittle and nothing I did would give me volume.

When you ask for honey brown hair color and get copper/orange instead. Damaged curls.

Drastic times call for drastic measures

Feeling like I had exhausted almost every option I started researching more about my curls in the hopes that maybe I would find something new that I could try. Instead, I found numerous articles and videos of women that had gone through the exact same thing as me and were taking drastic measures to recuperate their natural curls. This was the first time I heard about The Big Chop.

I won’t lie and say that this was an easy decision because it wasn’t at all. The fear was greater than anything else because I knew deep down that this would be something that I would have to do.

My frustration with my hair and trying to get it to be healthier is what drove me to start to seriously consider starting fresh.

Preparing for the Big Chop

I spent four weeks flipping through Pinterest boards to mentally prepare myself for what I might look like with short hair and to see if there were any nice short curly hairstyles that could look flattering on me. I finally found a few that I thought were really edgy and cool but I was still feeling insecure because although the style looked great on those women I was afraid that I would look like a boy again (granted I was only five at the time but it scared me for life). I finally keep looking at one of those pictures and decided that it was now or never and I finally made that appointment.

The Big Chop Day had arrived

Last selfie before heading to the hairdresser. Goodbye damaged curls.


I was so nervous on my way to the salon wondering if I was really going to do this or if maybe he would even talk me out of it and just imagining the worst. As I showed my hairdresser the picture I had been obsessed with for the past weeks (slightly outgrown Pixie undercut with curly top) he just said “Oh, cool yeah I can definitely do that. Are you sure though because it’s quite short”. I just nodded and said I how I really needed a change and wanted my hair to come back healthy.

And so it began… snip, snip, snip. It wasn’t so bad until… I saw how much hair was gone. Silence. “Are you okay?” my hairdresser asked me, “you’re very quiet…”. I was in shock seeing my hair lying on the floor and trying to be brave.

Curls everywhere on the floor at the hairdressers.

I decided to just relax and trust the man since he is an expert hairdresser and I was super happy with the last cut he gave me. Once he started blow-drying my hair and began styling it, it really made a huge difference.

The end result

I was blown away from the final result. WOW! I looked very different and I had to get used to this new look. It was not quite like the picture as I was missing some length in the front but it looked very cool and even chic in a way. Most people including my husband have had similar shocked expressions when seeing me for the first time.

Front View

Side View

Back View









Overall, I really like my new cut. For one it takes me much less time in the morning to get ready compared to when I had long curly hair and my hair dries faster. The only thing was that I had no clue how to replicate that salon finish at home!

I tried doing the exact same thing as Marc did in the salon with my hairdryer and round brush and applying products but it just didn’t look the same. The first week I asked my hubby to help me out until I had the hang of it. It’s definitely a hairstyle that I can get creative with.

I’ve made a new appointment and definitely want to keep this style for a few more months but shorter on the sides a.k.a. a real undercut ;).

Have any of you gone this route in order to grow back a healthy set of locks?

How was your experience and did you think it was worth it? Also, if you have any styling tips for short hair please share them with me.